Belize Coconut Sunrise

sunrise coconut farm

A view of the Sunrise from in front of a coconut farm along the Hattieville road

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in the Belize district today, more specifically in the vicinity of Ladyville, Burrell Boom and Hattieville where I rode. Again, I decided to postpone my ride to Lucky Strike so I could join my friend Kenny on another ride to Hattieville and back, which can be a boring ride if you are riding alone without music. So I put my speaker on pause and rode with Kenny to Hattieville and back and got the scoop on the recent Weekend Warriors race and the current team situation. I’ve been out of competition and out of the loop for a while so it was good to get updated.

Hattieville Road

The road that Connects George Price Highway to the Philip Goldson Highways from Hattieville and through Burrell Boom Village, Belize District.

The Burrell Boom Road or Burrell Boom Cut Off as it is labeled in the Strava map is approximately 12 miles long and connects the two major highways that connect Belize City to the rest of the country. It is a popular Belize City bypass for people traveling from the northern districts to the Western or Southern districts and vice versa.

Trek Speed Concept - Triathlon Bike

Trek Speed Concept – Triathlon Bike

When I take out my tri bike it’s because I intend to go fast and furious, which I enjoy doing by myself. It’s really hard to ride slow on a bike that is built for speed but that’s what usually happens when I ride with others, especially others who prefer an easy ride. While I prefer riding and training by myself most of the time, I do also enjoy riding, racing and interacting with other humans on bikes. After all I am doing this for my health and wellness and a little human interaction is healthy. It’s also good to learn from the experiences of others.

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